School Residencies

In the Spring of 2018, I began an ongoing series of music presentations and residencies at local schools, initially teaching and performing to over 3,000 students in the state of Washington.

I use a very large percussion setup (17 drums, 13 cymbals, 3 gongs, a 7-foot-long concert marimba, and a cowbell!), on which I both improvise and perform energetic, colorful original music, while constantly involving and interacting with the students.

Whether in the classroom or on stage during an assembly, I try to show them through my own example that each one of them can choose to excel – to really become one person in a million.  This isn’t about chasing fame or fortune – or even about becoming a good drummer! – but about growing into the person you could be, enlarging your view of what that is, and pursuing the path of mastery that will take you there.

Education starts with inspiration, a desire to learn, to discover, to know.  I design and carry out these residencies specifically to inspire students to want to broaden their world, to fully embrace the joy of learning.  It’s a wonderful mission, and a real delight to witness those moments of “ignition” in students as they see and hear things they’d never imagined.  It’s engaging entertainment at its best, geared not only toward having fun and making memories, but expanding students’ horizons and teaching them valuable lessons they can take with them into any worthwhile pursuit.

I really enjoy what I do and would love to spend a day presenting to, sharing and interacting with–as well as inspiring–your students, staff, and teachers.  For more information about how we can partner together to make a positive, lasting impact upon your school community, I invite you to contact me any time.