Thanks for visiting my website!  My name is Kit Mills and I’m a composer and percussionist dedicated to inspiring others through making meaningful, enjoyable music.

Drum Lessons

Drumming is fun.  The road to mastering it is a journey well worth taking.  You learn a lot about yourself, a lot about what it means to learn, and you find out that you can throw away your old and limited view of what you can do and who you are.  Beyond my sheer enjoyment of the art of drumming, this is what excites me most about teaching:  sharing your journey with you and seeing you grow, not just as a drummer, but as a person.

Since 2004, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of working with hundreds of private students, and sharing the joy of drumming with thousands more through dozens of clinics, masterclasses, presentations, assemblies, and ensemble coaching sessions throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Whether you’re brand new to percussion (the fancy name for “stuff you hit that makes noise”), trying to nail down your drum line or jazz band parts, or working to expand your professional versatility and deepen your groove, I’ve been there and understand what it’s like.

My own quest to learn and grow continues, and I’ve learned through experience that while you can make progress on your own, the players who really want to get good accelerate and streamline their learning process by working with a dedicated coach.  I love being right there in the same room with a student, but I also appreciate that not everyone can make that happen, whether because of schedule or location, so I offer lessons both in person and through Skype or Google Hangout.

If you’re ready to buckle up, really dig into this musical journey and see where it can take you, I’d love to work with you!  I invite you to contact me to tell me about yourself and where you want to go on your musical journey.


Percussion Residency Schedule, Spring 2018

I am currently in the midst of a series of single day percussion residencies (see schedule below) at local elementary and middle schools, teaching, interacting with, and performing for about 4,000 schoolchildren.  It’s an exciting opportunity to inspire and impact the kids in my community.  My immediate goals are two-fold: (1) Kindle students’ desire to …


To contact me about working together, or just to say hello, please e-mail me at kit_mills@hotmail.com.  (Sorry, the form below is currently broken).  I look forward to hearing from you!