Here are some great resources for aspiring drummers:

  1. My YouTube Channel - As of late March 2020, I live-stream (and later edit and update) three free group drum lessons daily, Monday through Friday.  These videos cover all kinds of drumming topics, but focus mostly on different patterns and grooves and how to practice them.  A KEY NOTE:  This is not (at least yet) a glitzy, hi-tech, entertainment-based channel, but a down-to-earth source of stuff to get you playing right away with me, at a speed that feels comfortable to you.
  2.  Years ago, I had the privilege of studying intermittently with a fantastic drummer/teacher, Garey Williams, who I consider a mentor.  He recently began adding more content to his own YouTube Channel, notably reaction videos in which he watches and offers insightful commentary on some great drummers' solos.  These videos are a great logical next step to seeing in action the various patterns and concepts we explore on my channel.
  3. Speaking of YouTube Channels, Drumeo, based up in Vancouver, B. C., has a great one loaded with excellent content.  I often recommend my students check it out.

Thanks for visiting this page on my website.  I'll keep adding to this as time permits, but feel free to contact me to suggest or request any additional resources I haven't yet listed.